Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Beatles - Let It Pee

What is with me and listening to albums released in 1970 featuring Paul McCartney? It's interesting I guess.

The concept of this album was born when one day Paul McCartney was having sex with a bunch of gimps and cripples and decided he wanted to be a movie star, so he brought in a bunch of cameras and stuff and had people film the Beatles record an album. I don't see movies unless they're a nice set of naked tits or bare ass, so I haven't seen the movie yet. I hear it stars George C. Scott and the plot revolves(or should I say Revolver LOL ROFL) around George Harrison exploiting his skill with the sitar to make love to various ethnic women.

Let It Be is often regarded as the worst Beatles album ever put out because Phil Spector put in a bunch of strings on the album and because Ringo Starr didn't write any of the songs on it. Paul McCartney invented indie rock fashion by growing a beard for the album cover, before this album, no one had a beard in rock and roll. Also, Paul McCartney sounds like a black guy on this album, maybe it was to impress the black guy they brought in to do the keyboards on "Get Back" or whatever. Paul likes to get in touch with his negro brethren.

The song "Across The Universe" is fantastic and wasn't even written for this album,Tommy Stinson was probably stoned when he wrote it, it has been covered by many famous and well respected musicians such as Zwan and David Bowie. Beards equal sophistication, so Paul Westerberg writes some fancy songs. "Let It Be" is a song that should be used on a car commercial. It is boring as hell, but every time I watch some T.V. special, there's ol Paul, sporting a shit-eating grin and playing this song for the billionth time. Personally I think the progressive rock undertones of "Dig It" are way better, and as far as schmaltzy Paul ballads go, Long and Winding Road is clearly better, this song was la

I got bored of this paragraph, let's write a poem!

So while Paul McCartney is wailing the blues, John Lennon is taking his poos!

While George Harrison is drinking at the bar, five gay men are fucking Ringo Starr!

White George Martin is smelling his ass, Yoko Ono is passing gas!

Rating: This album is way better than Hootenanny or Sorry Ma, but The Replacements best work was still ahead of them.

Song: Everyones heard this album before, so here's the new Art Brut single

Art Brut - Nag Nag Nag Nag


Leif Garret(t) said...

Um, the Mats' best work was definitely not ahead of them, unless you're talking about "Dead Man's Shake" in which case then yeah you're definitely right on with that.

Undercooked Sausage said...

Actually I was talking about Plastic Ono Band