Tuesday, October 24, 2006

LCD Soundsystem - Original Run

Sorry, I can't think of a good pun for this one.

LCD Soundsystem is a project run by James Murphy. WHO IS NOT RELATED TO POPULAR FICTIONAL CHARACTER, Murphy Brown. He likes to make "disco punk" albums that remarkably sound very similar to Phish or say, Belle & Sebastian.

Anyway, this time around, the soulless presidents of Nike commissioned Mr. Murphy to do a song for Nike for some reason. Maybe so they could turn the song into a GIANT LASER and destroy incoming asteroids with it. Indeed, most of the lyrics deal with asteroids and global warming. Nike cares greatly for our planet and it's people.

The track is a multi-part movement and is actually longer than a Van Halen album, it's almost as long as two Van Halen albums actually, it doesn't sound like Van Halen at all though. it's electronic, the beat is funky fresh and the rhymes are fat. I dig the hell out of it. It's got a bunch of cool parts and for such a long song it hardly ever loses it's appeal. It's not as dancy as you might think it to be, but it's still plenty cool. Maybe because it is "intelligent dance music" or part of the IDM genre, and i do not have the cranial capacity of knowing just how to dance to it because I go to community college and think that the new My Chemical Romance album is pretty great.

Rating: Have you seen the asian broad in LCD's touring band? Now she's a hot slut i'd love to bork!

Song: Here's the whole fucking thing!


Leif Garret(t) said...

Dude, we should totally have "Prog Week" next week.

Joe said...

I like this.

Roger_Daltree said...

Fuck, it's time for Prog week next week.

Leif Garret(t) said...

Joe, when can you go to the Oak Park pancake house???