Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dream Theater- Images and Words

Unzip your pants and pull out your Peter

Right now I'm going to review Dream Theater

Some people say prodigious playing is absurd

I think it was under control on Images and Words

Pull Me Under sounds like Lars' Ulrich's band

The solo gets me very wet in my small gland

At least this album has Taking the Time

Another Day is an operation mind crime

Mike Portnoy is good but I think he's not the best

His bass drum sounds cheap and heavy like a hooker's chest

You know what's good, Metropolis and Under a Glass Moon

And then at Waiting for Sleep you know that it'll end soon

Overall I think this album's good if you like to rock

But playing it won't get you any pussy for your cock

I guess I can't stop without mentioning Learning to Live

But by the end of the album I don't have much attention to give

It's still pretty awesome and this album has some thrills

There's no doubt about it, The Mars Volta kills

Rating: Two thumbs up

Download: Dream Theater - Under a Glass Moon

1 comment:

Joe said...

There was a girl I used to like who was really into this band. I should have recognized that as the helpful sign that it could have been to me, but no. I even tried to like them. What a wasted year that was.