Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Melvins - Lysol

I listened to this album a week ago while I was doing my History homework. Lemme tell you something, the bass on this sucker is REALLY FUCKING LOUD AND PROUD. My floor was shaking, damnit. Now, I know that these is the Melvins that we are talking about, and such an occurrence is expected when one listens to a Melvins album, but seriously, the bass is just really, really powerful on here. Moreso than it usually might be. How would one explain such an ordeal?

Well, once upon a time, the Melvins made a full length LP with one Mr. Joe Preston in the band. This is that full length LP. Joe Preston was in the band Earth for a while. A few years ago, he joined the band High On Fire for a relatively short period of time. He also played on a few Sunn 0))) records. In fact, he introduced Sunn 0))) to Boris, and both of those bands have a collaboration album called Altar that is undoubtedly one of the best albums of the year even though I haven't heard a note of it, and you should buy me a copy when it comes out Tuesday.

The point is that Joe Preston is a big, loud, doomy, droney metal drone guy. Joe Preston also plays bass on Lysol. That is why Lysol is the heaviest, most drone-tastic Melvins album ever. The first three minutes or so are just total slow droney doom shit like Earth, and then Dale Crover starts beating his kick drum and crash cymbal every once in a while, and there are some mystical, wordless vocals, and eventually Dale really comes in with those drums, and it's FUCKING BRUTAL. The Melvins have always been heavy, but at no point in their career have they sounded this downright FURIOUS. ABRASIVE, even.

This album is one 30 minute track, and maybe 2/3 of it is just totally pulverizing doom metal (but not the sissyish kind that you're used to hearing from Pelican or Isis or whomever), and then for the last 1/3, they play some covers, and they're a lot less scary, but they're awesome anyway. This is the Melvins album for pissed-off noise/metal/free jazz/no wave-type music listeners. Bullhead, also, but some sissy girl plays bass on that one, so it's a lot gayer.

Rating: I don't know, 9.1? Fuck ratings up the anal!

Song: "A History of Bad Men"...a song off the new Melvins album (A) Senile Animal! It's fucking awesome!!! Purchase it often!!!


yancy said...

How do you know so much about Sunn O))) and Earth? You kids are fuckin' weird. Rock it sideways.

Undercooked Sausage said...

Dude, that song is awesome, it's my favorite off the new album.

sorry I havent been around, will start posting again. I've been playing video games.

Leif Garret(t) said...

Yeah, "History..." has been in my head all fucking week. Especially the awesome "dire, DIRE, DIRRRRRE!!!!! IS FLEETING (bleeding? Some other word?)" part.

Butch Walker plays on the Sunn 0)))/Boris album.