Thursday, August 16, 2007

Battles - Mirrored

I was just thinking today about how this album sucks and how pretty much every major music publication gave it a glowingly positive review.

Which is kind of odd, isn't it? I mean, sure, it's the kind of album that a lot of "hipster" folks are going to love, so why bum them out and pan the thing? But man, why pander to an audience? Why be so fucking predictable? I know that when you're Pitchfork and you're the epicenter of "underground music" or something that you have to keep the shit under control. But man, surprise me once in a while! Yeah, this blog is a complete fucking mess and we just review whatever we happen to be listening to or thinking about, but it's refreshing to see that kind of pure, honest approach, wouldn't you agree? That's right.

Anyways, the first time I listened to this album, it didn't grab me. Sonically, they had obviously put a lot into it. Compositionally... well, it's basically prog-rock. A nerdy, subtle sort of prog-rock. The Discipline comparisons are pretty much perfect for this, I would agree with that much.

God, I just love enormous fucking balloon boobies. I was just looking at the screenshots for this video that somebody uploaded on PureTnA, and now I have a righteous fucking boner.

They're obviously pretty great musicians, too! I mean, Don Caballero, Helmet, c'mon. We know that John Stanier rules a fuckin' ass. And, like Yes years before them, it obviously sounds like they're working hard at playing these songs. Like, they're just dicking and twiddling away, totally focused because they're PROFICIENT MUSICIANS, they are.

But anyways, the first time I heard it, I thought it was kind of boring. I don't like the vocals! They're annoying. Annoying vocals usually don't bother me. But I don't really feel these songs at all, so I can't overlook that sad fact. I listened to it a few more times hoping I would be able to find something to latch onto, and I simply could not do so. I love proggy shit, but usually because with that kind of music, there's just so much cool, creative shit to take hold of my interest. There's nothing of that nature here! They obviously meant well, but man, this could have been so much better. Instead, it's just kind of a waste of talent and effort. Maybe next time.

Rating: I hate this album.

Song: No song, sorry. You can blame Battles for that.

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Undercooked Sausage said...

I've never listened to this band and because of this review i sure as shit ain't gonna start!