Friday, August 17, 2007

Wire - Pink Flag

Hi, I'm not so crazy about this debut effort from the rock group Wire. It starts out okay enough, with a pretty monstrous opener, a very brief speedy punky stomp romp, a bouncy almost-disco rim-job, and a glorious guitar pop spectacle of amazingness. "Lowdown" is okay, too. Then there are a bunch of songs in a row that aren't really at all better than the first five.

Eventually you get to "Mr. Suit," which is just so pissed off and brutal. The New Bomb Turks covered it on their fantastic Destroy Oh Boy! LP, and I like there version better. Then comes "Strange," which has a slow, memorable riff, yes. "Fragile" is next, and it's a beautiful pop song, but they made it better on the next album when they turned it into "Outdoor Miner."

"Mannequin" is after that and is great, yeah. That's four great songs in a row near the end, and five songs in a row near the beginning. I like "12xU" and maybe "Start To Move." A lot of the other songs just sort of run together. I'd much rather listen to their other records. They're great all the way through. I listened to this one tonight while eating these god-fucking-awful BONELESS WINGS from Buffalo Wild Wings, the most piss-poor fucking suburban franchise restaurant piece of my fucking ass. The wings are soggy and shitty and I mean, it's chicken so of course I enjoy them to some extent, but it's basically just the kind of shit that suburban jocks go for because they're lives are completely fucking aimless. If I want chicken, I go where the black people are. Thank you, black people, for not being fucking cunts. I love you.

Rating: I like the other albums where the songs are easier to distinguish from one another. The production on here doesn't have cool guitar effects and synthesizers, either. I listened to Static Age two and a half times this morning, by the way. The Misfits were so fucking good.

Song: Helmet - "Sinatra"... I listened to this song twice last night before I jerked it. Good shit.


Leif Garret(t) said...

Good album, actually.

Undercooked Sausage said...

Chipotle is to burritos what buffalo wild wings is to wings

god i fucking hate white people

Marcia said...

I went to a buffalo wild wings in Indiana once. You are dead on regarding the clientele. It sucks hardcore.

Helmet Rocks. Back in the 90's I used to work at a video store and I'd wear my helmet t-shirt with the dude shaking hands with an alien. It was cool until X-files exploded and then aliens were trendy. People were always like, "That's a cool shirt, do you sell that here?" I'd say. "No we are a video store, not a music store" and they'd look at me all confused like.

Joe said...

At work a few months ago, some girl comes up to me and asks "ya'll have B3's here"? She had to tell me that that's what they call Buffalo Wild Wings in New York. I wanted to punch her in the face, really. The restaurant itself sucks. I went there with friends twice in college. Both times we played the electronic trivia game, which was impossible to win if one of the regulars is playing along, which one inevitably will be. On our last visit, the table next to us was throwing stuff at us the whole time. On the way out the door, from about 30 feet away, the whipped a piece of chicken at my friend Josh. I don't think any chain restaurant attracts a worse group of people than this. Basically, if you like -- or call it -- B3's, then you're a bad person.