Friday, August 17, 2007

ZZ Top - ZZ Top's First Album

This is ZZ Top's first album.

It's bluesy hard rock, basically. It's short. The songs all basically have snappy little blues riffs. They're all pretty much the same tempo (NEVER MIND, THAT'S NOT TOTALLY ACCURATE, SORRY.) They're all pretty much the same. Same goes for the next album.

But the album is awesome! Most ZZ Top albums are. Cool people like them. Steve Albini likes them. Steve Albini likes it when you finger his tight we

Rating: Good album! I like ZZ Top a lot. I can just listen to their first four albums non-stop, all in a row. They're all pretty danged similar. I don't really have anything much more to say about this. I pretty much covered their first several albums with this "review." They have guitars and they're bluesy. Also, they sing about eatin' pussy. Like, the pussy of MINORITIES! Black chicks and mexican chicks and the like. Because they had big beards. Big, pussy eatin' beards. Man, what a sorry excuse for a review this is. If you've read Mark Prindle's ZZ Top review page, you've probably heard plenty of ZZ Top/pussy jokes. "Neighbor Neighbor" and "Brown Sugar" are awesome songs! This album is solid! It's true rock 'n roll. It's way better than Pearl Jam.

Song: A Pavement mix I made... INDIE ROCK!!!!!!

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Roger_Daltree said...

ZZ Top is so underrated!