Friday, August 17, 2007

The Raincoats - Odyshape

Does anyone care about The Raincoats anymore? Kurt Cobain did, and now he's dead. In order to raise awareness of the Raincoats in our society. I decided to have an aim conversation with surviving member of the Raincoats Gina Bitch, who is pictured here with a cock in her ass.

I am sexyman6969, she is dumpsterslut81

sexyman6969 has entered the room

sexyman6969: yo who dis
dumpsterslut81: hi lol want to interview me : )
sexyman6969:: fuck yea alright lets do this
dumpsterslut81: k
sexyman6969: first off asl
dumpsterslut81: 48/F/IL teehee : )
dumpsterslut81: wearing just a bra not pantie
sexyman6969: 21/M/IL
sexyman6969: huge penis
sexyman6969: u sound cute i like
sexyman6969: anyway explain the raincoats sound what were you guys trying to accomplish on this record
dumpsterslut81: ummmm i dunno lol
dumpsterslut81: idk
dumspsterslut81: we were going for a more big sound like branching out and stuff
dumpsterslut81: i mean we still bring the guitars on songs like Only Loved at night u no
sexyman6969: o ya i love that song *gettin hard right now!*
dumpsterslut81: o rly : )
sexyman6969: ya fucking chix make me hot
XXXANADESILVAXXX has entered the room
xxxanadesilva: oh man so horny
xxxandesilva: sup mis cholos
xxxanadesilvaxxx: fuuuuuck so cock drunk need a tortilla in my ass
xxxanadesilva has left the room
dumpsterslut81: wtf
sexyman6969 has deposited sperm in anus

Rating: great album, The Raincoats are still a bunch of noisy, shitty dykes who were probably eating each others pussies while recording this album, and since it was recorded by all girls it cannot recieve a 10/10, so I will give it a 4.


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