Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends

I hate this cover, really! What's up with "indie people" and cartoons of woodland creatures? It pisses me off greatly. I mean, I love bears, red pandas, and lemurs and all that shit, but the whole "indie culture" has ruined all of that awesome shit for me. And it angers me greatly. So fuck you, hipsters and your bright colored t-shirts that don't fit you.

And fuck you for being part of a culture that at its worst and most generic, tries to sound like Les Savy Fav and fails miserably. Seriously, there really is a sort of generic "indie melodicism" that seeps through everything from Parts & Labour to Death Cab For Cutie to Oxford Collapse to Maps & Atlases. And regardless of the quality of any of those bands' music, when it all comes down to it, Les Savy Fav fucking shits all over all of it. They possess a lot of that "generic indie melodicism"... I mean, these melodies are very INDIE, aren't they? You can tell, can't you? But man, they're just so much better than all other music that "sounds indie," right? Right!

Seriously, is this "indie dance rock" or whatever? Lots of bands try and sound like the Dismemberment Plan, they do. Maybe you haven't heard a lot of those bands because they're too unremarkable and unoriginal to get any attention. They try and sound like Les Savy Fav, too. And they suck at it. Fuck them. Fuck them hard and long. Wow. I love this album.

Seriously, this is the best full-length these guys have done as of yet, probably. They sound like they just put their all into it. Like, they really must have focused on the sonics and stuff! There's acoustic guitars and the mix is just so full and there's girls singing on some songs and man, this is just a solid pop/rock album that I keep playing over and over. This is the sound of a band putting forth all the fucking effort in the world. It's not just dancey Brainiac-type shit. This is just awesome modern indie rock greatness and fuck, I love this album. It's awesome. I can't stop listening to it. Les Savy Fav gets it done so fucking hard, fuck. I love you, Les Savy Fav. Wow.

Rating: It rocks. And it's just awesome. Really fucking awesome. Yeah.

Song: THE ALBUM!!!

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I never liked Oxford Collapse at all. I tried to but