Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sun City Girls - 330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond Rig Veda

The Screamers are fucking amazing, yeah. Download all bootlegs off Soulseek, everybody.

This is a double CD. It is some asslong shit. Both discs are an hour or something. The first disc is a bunch of totally rad COMPOSITIONS, and the second is a bunch of totally rad IMPROVISATIONS. The actual songs are pretty cool. They're all wacky and full of funny voices, like the Residents or Caroliner. Totally kooky art-rock, these. But they're all ethnic-like, as we have come to expect from this cutting edge experimentation machine, the Barenaked Ladies. Shit like "CCC" sounds like some creepy desert nightmare or some crap! I dig the balls off of it. It has a rad melody, too, which a lot of these songs also have, wonderfully. Just cool little melodic diddley doos to grab and shake you and finger your girlfriend/girljizzlapper.

And then the second CD. THE SECOND CD. Lots of people like one MARK PRINDLE aren't too fond of the Sun City Girls' dick-around tendencies. And it definitely is "dicking around." I mean, that's what free improvisation is, isn't it? No matter how meaningful the connection and interaction between musicians is, they're all just kind of playing what comes to them. It's dicking around! But I love it. I could listen to this shit all fucking day. Maybe smoke some drugs while I'm at it. Just awesome repetitive spaced-out shit. Like middle-eastern krautrock! Have you heard the new Sapat album? It's on Siltbreeze and awesome.

Rating: They have a fuck ton of albums. Maybe they have ones a fuck ton better than this one. I certainly listen to something like Horse Cock Phepner more. But if you're looking for the Girls' "signature sound," this is definitely the album you want. Mounds and mounds of psyched up reefer insanity. Richard Bishop is an awesome guitarist, by the way! I downloaded his solo albums and am gonna see him with Bill Callahan next month! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Charles Gocher died this year. He was the drummer in this band and was as old as my parents. So they won't be putting out any more records. They were legendary, though. RIP, Charles. And RIP, Sun City Girls. You pwned my ass all around the block. I'm listening to you right now. Thanks for the mammaries.

Song: "CCC"... I mentioned this song earlier. It's good. Suck me.

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