Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Raincoats - The Raincoats

The Raincoats were a bunch of noisy dykes from Madison Wisconsin, I'm not sure where exactly in madison but probably where all the fucking dykes hung out. Man, what a bunch of clit-piercing shrieking and bullshit is contained on this record. I was thinking about this album yesterday because Garret was talking about it somewhere else on the internet, oops I mean Leaf garret or whatever his name is on here. The Raincoats were a trio of rug munchers from faggot, New Jersey. They enjoy sucking a cock or two. This is way out there post punk.
Actually, I realize they are girls but girls aren't supposed to rock at all. They just bleed and scare the hell out of me and bleed so goddamn much and yell and yell when i put my dick in their ass. My friend says anal sex is just like fucking a vagina except it's like 3 degrees warmer and it smells like shit, or teen spirit, he says he wasn't paying attention.

They cover The Kinks on this record, other than that you get to hear a lot of violent and interesting music that might open you up to more experimental punk rock music. To tell you the truth, "The Void" is my favorite song on here and it makes me want to shed tears everytime I hear it.

Rating: This is all really great music, I might prefer their second album a bit more and I never listened to their third album. It's probably pretty good though

Download: Heres the album

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