Wednesday, October 24, 2007

John Lennon - Imagine

Why the hell is this cover so goddamn creepy to me? Anyway, I still can't sleep. So I'll review another one of this hack's albums.

Continuing along the same disco-pop vein as the incredibly uplifting Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon belches out another album filled with introspective writing, quiet, homely little tunes, and crappy filler songs I never want to hear again.

Actually, the thing with these John albums thus far is that nothing feels like a filler song, everything seems to fit together like a yummy songwriting jigsaw, it's just that some of these songs are fucking awful. I know John had to get a lot of anger out on Paul because Paul broke up with John to have nasty buttsex with Linda McCartney, but the outrageous bile of "How Do You Sleep" just goes ON and ON with some of the meanest lyrics I've ever heard. Fuck that song, seriously.

Other than that, I guess nothing on here really offends me. I never thought much of "Jealous Guy" despite feeling that the lyrics were pretty awesome and that the whistling segment was so cool, it certainly sounds a lot better in the context in this album. Blah blah blah, I don't know what else to say about this thing. It's basically the same as the last one he did except George Harrison plays some neat guitar on some of the songs. Suffice to say, the obvious George guitar on "Gimme Some Truth" makes it my favorite song on here, the guitar on this is so hypnotic it feels like you're listening to a dream. The other reason it isn't as good as the last one is because he doesn't scream at all and also all the songs are terrib

Rating: Overrated, still resonant, powerful music, but it seems unfocused, John wasn't about songcraft and hearing him trying to pull off actual pop songs while still into the whole sparse production thing just sounds fucking weird. You can't write a pop song unless you got a good hook, just sayin. I mean, jesus, his other half was recording Ram when this came out, can you imagine if the two of them kept working together for a little while longer? We might've seen stuff that would've made Revolver seem like badger shit in comparison.

Also, nothing here is half as visceral as the stuff on Plastic Ono Band. This sounds like a fucking Ringo album, thomas the tank engine bullshit.

Sorry this review sucks, I shouldn't try to cover two BIG IMPORTANT HEAVY albums while I feel this lousy.

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