Saturday, October 13, 2007

Paul McCartney - Tripping The Live Fantastic

Why the fuck would I want to listen to Paul McCartney and his backing band for the Flowers In The Dirt tour play a bunch of Beatles songs? And this is a double album, mind you. 16 or so of these 37 tracks are Beatles songs! That's a lot. Too many. Defeats the purpose of these things.

And they're all like this, aren't they? Sad, really. What about all the great Wings deep cuts? What about "Bogey Music"? Do the old shit a favor and leave it the fuck alone, or at least don't rely so heavily on it all the time for the live albums, especially if the live albums are going to be more than one disc long. At least Wings Over America had "Magneto & Titanium Man" and a bunch of other kickass shit.

And how about that awful cover that looks like it was assembled with Kid Pix? Paul McCartney sucks.

Rating: Why bother? I didn't.

Song: Nothing.

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