Friday, October 12, 2007

Paul McCartney - Press To Play

So, after listening to this album, I'm not absolutely positive about the whole "the 1980s was the worst decade for pop music ever" argument that seems to be rammed into every major rock critics head. Paul McCartney, at least, deserves a critical re-evaluation. Everything I read about this album led me believe that Paul had finally just completely lost it with this one, that there was nothing even slightly redeemable about the record and that even Paul himself has pretty much eliminated it from his canon. I mean, when was the last tour where he played "Angry?" or "Press?" Classic songs, to be sure, but classic in a sense that "Oh my god, Paul McCartney, a former Beatle recorded these songs!" It pulls these otherwise pleasant numbers into a field that transcends standard pop, a new field of excellence. Press To Play is not only Paul's best record since McCartney II, it's also one of the finest of the decade.

I mean, I can't even begin to explain to you the absurdity of this album. It's brilliant. Paul McCartney WROTE this, or at least co-wrote it, apparently he brought some eighties douchebag in here to make everything a bit more shitty and even more hilarious. I mean, god, even these lyrics. "Perhaps we should write a secret code, for when we explode" or something along those lines. I'm paraphrasing because if I were to actually type the actual lyrics out, my head would explode and shit would shoot out like a geyser due to the absurdity.

In all seriousness though, "Talk More Talk" and "Stranglehold" are glorious pop numbers, I can't see how they could be critically maligned in any sense. The bubbling synths and rip-roaring bullshit noises everywhere. Brilliant. Why does an old guy have to have an acoustic guitar and sing about mature themes to get any critical respect? If Paul made an album like this right now, it'd be amazing, but the simple truth is that he can't anymore. Once you hit 50 or 60, the only albums you can write have to be quiet and introspective. Thankfully, Paul hasn't really given into this yet. His albums now, while acoustic-driven typically, have excellent little pop songs on them. I don't really see Paul doing his "Sign O' The Times" or Rick Rubin-produced Johnny Cash albums. Paul is a billionaire, he thinks everyone already loves him, he has no reason to release a masterwork of sincerity, and while I'll get into this later when we review those albums, it's pretty clear that Paul simply does not give a fuck. He shits on your money! He uses it to wipe his ass! Fuck, this album is amazing.

Guys, I'm not kidding here, there's this song called "Angry" with Pete Townsend and PHIL FUCKING COLLINS on drums, and Paul shouts all over this glorious mess with lyrics like

Oh my god, I was looking at the lyrics for some of these songs, and at the bottom of the page it says "The hottest songs from Paul McCartney" on the bottom of the page for the "Angry" lyrics. Oh man, so awesome.
Rating: Wish I could have heard this album more before I reviewed it, but I'm on my Dad's computer at home, 10/10 of course.

Song: Paves, please edit this post and include a sendspace link to "Angry." FUCK YEAH, HERE IS A LINK, LOL DAN IS TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT THIS ALBUM

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