Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Paul McCartney - Run Devil Run

The sequel to CHOBA B CCCP, in some ways, well, it pretty much is, it's the exact same premise. His wife had just died when this album came out, this was the first we had heard from Paul.

You'd think he'd release some deep, introspective record exorcising his demons, but you know, Paul isn't that kind of guy. He's Mr. Beatle, "Yesterday" himself, the writer of such classics as "Angry" and "Ebony and Ivory," that white dude who sang with black people all the time in the early eighties. The whole world knows who he is but we've never actually gotten to know him. dozens of albums, decades worth of music, and we've never heard Paul simply mourn, or cry. There's been flashes of introspection here and there, specifically on these last few records he's been doing, but I get the feeling that when Paul finally kicks it, he'll still remain a mystery. We all know who John Lennon was, or whatever he decided to be depending on what era we're talking about. We had a pretty clear idea of who George was, too. Namely that he was as boring as a fucking library full of books on church.

Paul, however, what do we know? We know he likes writing silly love songs, yes, we know he loved his wife, but why? What are his thoughts on life, love, and his pursuit of billions of dollars? I suppose I can't really blame him, when you've been in the public eye since you were 20 years old with pretty much ever move of your career and personal life always under unyielding criticism, you probably would be hesitant of wearing your heart on your sleeve too.

So, needless to say, this is pretty much exactly what we'd expect from Paul is his fragile state of bachelordom. He releases an album of throwbacks to 1950s rock n' roll. Songs he probably knows by heart, songs that probably bring him better solace than his own songs bring me. Maybe we were expecting him to open up a little, but everyone heals in their own way, I guess.

Rating: Definitely better than the forgettable 80s piece of garbage. This one is put together by a group of all-stars. Krist Novoselic on Bass, and Alfalfa from the little rascals beating the shit out of drums. I think David Gilmour plays on all the boring songs because he's a boring old faggot.

I realize this review didn't really talk about the music that much, but there isn't much to say, the covers are all nice, and the originals are definitely hot to trot. Paul's definitely trying much harder than he has ever has in his career, and it shows.

Song: I don't know, this is kinda a filler album, so no song.

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