Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Paul McCartney - Chaos & Creation In The Backyard

So here we are.

My final Paul McCartney review on Solid Little Rock Jams, or at least until he puts out a new album. Nevertheless, I feel a little choked up loading up the old bloggin' app as I was sitting down to write this thing.

Thankfully, Paul is giving me a wonderful send off, this is THE album. Paul might be a dusty, wrinkled piece of shit these days, but those old bones still have an ear for wonderful composition. It doesn't hurt that he hooked up with Mr. Radiohead himself, Nigel Godrich to produce this album. From what I heard, Nigel just basically tore Paul a new asshole and told him not to record a shitty album. So Paul sat down and ended up recording almost every restaurant
by himself, just him! A McCartney III, just not in name.

Nigel just a great job here bringing out the melodies, but who gives a shit? I don't really want to accredit this albums success to him at all. That would be the total cliche thing to do, I think you really got to hand this one to Paul, instead. Some of his most pleasant compositions he's ever done. I've always like his sparse instrumentalization, it really helps compliment his knack for simple melodies. Paul's voice is very well presented in the mix, as well, delivering some of the best lyrics of his solo career, lyrics were never Paul's thing, and they still really aren't, to be blunt, but it's nice to hear him actually try on these last few releases. He rarely if ever fills out a vocal line by "oooing" (unless it's actually justified) these days.

Fuck, this album's great. Let's look through song by song, because I haven't done this in awhile.

Fine Line - Bouncy fuckin piano poop. My friend Lance hates it for some reason. Lance sucks
How Kind Of You - This one's a fucking stunner, perhaps best complimented by the Radiohead-esque guitars that are all over the second half. I mean, don't worry, shit doesn't sound like The Bends or Amnesiac or whatever, but they're pleasant. Paul should dig out the electric more often.
Some song - can't remember, Jenny Wren? Probably could've been helped out if that huge black drummer had been on it
Friends to go please! - Paul sings about ordering a bowl of french fries and a small baby boy to eat and molest.
PErhaps the most disturbing lyrics of his career, such as "When I get home I shit my guts/your vag is dryer than king tuts. It's probably about Heather.
How Kind Of You - they put this on twice for some reason
Too Much Rain - absolutely heavenly vocal line, he's so old, how the hell does he still have such a great vocal range?
Some other songs - boring filler just kidding vanity fair makes me shoot loads
The Last Two tracks - I think the first was a single, it's once again, got a pleasant melody.

So there you have it, legendary album. Paul's embracing his greatest talents, mainly his ability to write absolutely gorgeous, yet simple melodies, and his reputation as being quite the multi-instrumentalist. Driving Rain was great, but I love it when he does albums like these, Paul can get pretty boring when he over-produces his shit and there's just too much filler crap everywhere. None of that here, just delivering gorgeous melody after gorgeous melody like so many bowls of jizz.

he also broke up with his wife after this album, fuck that bitch, I hope he gave her an ol' crack on the head with that gimp robot leg of hers.

Rating: His best album in almost twenty years. Completes what I think is a wonderful trilogy of Flaming Pie/Driving Rain/Chaos & Creation of latter day creativity. I just hope he can keep up, His new album might even be better than this one, too. It's unbelievable the streak this guy is on, how long can someone keep this up? I guess if there's one person who could do it, it's Paul.


Song: "English Tea" - His gayest song ever! Awesome.


Leif Garret(t) said...

OTM about Lance.

Joe said...

Good album.

Joe said...

Yeah, it's too bad this was his last album. I wish he would have lived to complete just one more.

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hey, update the blog. thanks.