Thursday, October 25, 2007

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Experimental Crap


So what we have here are a few albums released by John and Yoko that just suck dogshit. I thought no one would mind if I didn't review these but I recieved an indignant PM the other night and decided to download all three of the experimental John & Yoko albums. They're all masterpieces

more like master pieces of shit lol, i'm sure they had fun doing these albums together but I don't think anyone could tolerate this stuff for too long. My ear for experimental and avant garde isn't as finely tuned as some, but yeah, I can get down with experimental stuff and noise and all that, but this isn't even interesting, it doesn't make me feel like i'm shitting my dick out of my skull, which is how good avant garde crap should sound. This is just John and Yoko dancing around naked with their pee pee sticks out and giggling "whee look how much fun we're having!" so in conclusion, fuck these albums and everyone involved, especially George Harrison. fucking prick

Rating: dogshit

Song: song? LOL


Undercooked Sausage said...

I was gone for a whole weekend and no one updated this shit?

Roger_Daltree said...

Yoko has such a furry bush.