Monday, October 08, 2007

Wings - Back To The Egg

And so we kiss the Wings era goodbye with this album. Right! Let's take a look at the album cover first. What's going on there? Paul Mccartney was smoking so much weed he apparently felt his band of Linda McChicken, Denny Restaurant and Sideman Mcwhogivesfuck were interstellar superstars and after releasing the critically acclaimed London Town, voted by most people as the best album ever recorded by a group of fruit flavored faggots. Wings were certainly flying high. Flying so high that they were about to crash from their excesses. A few hours after this album came out Paul McCartney was shot and killed in japan for smoking pot. Consequently, Denny Liane released a press statement that the band was breaking up and him and Linda McRib were going to butt fuck everyday and every night atop Paul's frosty ice cream grave.

Hey, did you guys know this is actually a great album? It's the best one they did besides Band On The Run, I personally believe so. See, Paul wanted to stay current, even though he had pretty much no reason to do so. He has tons of money, plenty of juicy pussies to why even bother???

Well, I'm glad he bothered, because these songs rule!! They certainly make the last couple albums look like pieces of shit in comparison, not that they already weren't completely awful but hey, let's go easy on the guy, by the time this album came out, Paul was already eighty years old and still had the lyrical brain of a beefy manchild. He didn't know what "punk rock" or "new wave" and probably heard Elvis Costello taking a dump on his chest one day and decided "I'll make my new album sound like this!" Paul quickly jiggled into the studio and laid down a bunch of exciting rockers. Except they weren't exciting at all and were just a bunch of generic Paul rockers with a big of punk-flare in an attempt to stay culturally relevant.

Well, it was a complete and utter failure. No one bought this album, some people downloaded it off of soulseek though. Paul decided that his band had met his end and killed himself by plunging his car into a goddamn river. He made sure his wifes dead raped body was in the trunk.

Rating: Pretty competent Paul rockers. They're all really short so you don't get too bored. Plus there's some really beautiful ballads on here like "We're Open Tonight" and "Winter Rose-Love Awake." The first one is nearly haunting in it's beauty. His best one minute throwaway since "Junk" ten years ago.

Song: Old Siam Sir -
The best Paul McNugget shouty rocker we've heard since "Oh Darling." Who knew he still had it in him? Sound like a Sleater-Kinney song. It's just as blistering, and just as gay!

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