Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Paul McCartney & Wings - Red Rose Speedway

Just remembered how awesome that cover is. Almost as awesome as the McCartney II cover. Something about Paul McCartney staring wide-eyed into the camera like a jackass just fills my fucking heart with joy and semen and "what have you."

So this album isn't totally embarassing or anything. I've listened to it a bunch of times in the past couple days and I can't remember how any of the songs go. The weird thing is that the most memorable things on here are the slightest, most fillery tracks. "Single Pigeon" and "When The Night" are pretty stupid, but they do stick in the 'ol brain, they do. Something that the totally worthless "Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)" does not do. What the hell is Paul thinking on here? Wings was definitely not the band to be playing groovy 70s prog-rock. Pretty clear waste of four minutes and 22 seconds.

"Little Lamb Dragonfly" should definitely be better than it is. It's okay, but something about the song doesn't live up to its potentially rad-as-shit McCartney cutesiness. "Get On The Right Thing" is fun. The 11 minute medley at the end of the album is cool and enjoyable. "Big Barn Bed" is a somewhat competent "rock" song. Sort of dumb and repetitive.

Why does everybody hate "My Love"? It's cheesy, yeah, but it's a beautiful fucking song. And he sings, "WHOOAAAOHOHOAAAAA" just like Glenn Danzig! Yep, JUST LIKE him. Awesome, right? Yeah.

Rating: Pretty average album. Actually, it's not very good at all. The songs are sort-of-semi-okay, but the production isn't very interesting, and neither is the band. Hell, most of these songs really don't do shit, either. Whatever, I don't care.

Song: "One More Kiss"... why did I upload this song, it's not very good.

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