Sunday, October 14, 2007

Paul McCartney - Off The Ground

For the second time in his career, Paul has decided to release an ultra serious, ultra boring album. I'm not sure why he's bothering with the whole singer-songwriter crap rather than just writing glorious pop songs with synths and crazy, goofy lyrics everywhere. There's not one goofy lyric or voice on this album. No playfulness, just ultra serious, tepid rock songs galore!

It's okay, I guess, but it just feels way more like coasting than albums that actually try and do something new or exciting. I'm just not a fan of 90s McCartney at all. I understand the dudes like 4000 years old by the time this album came out, but as proven by later albums, the well of talent hadn't completely dried up at this point.

The other major problem, CDs had been invented now, and even a dinosaur like Paul realized you could fit more material on a CD than a LP, so this album comes in just way too long. It's only 50 minutes, but 50 minutes of Paul McCartney straight? Not much of an idea. Maybe his head was big after everyone lapped up Flowers when I Splurt like Chevy Chase's butternut cum.

Rating: It's not bad, it's better than the last one, and there are at least a couple "above average" songs on here. Actually, it is bad, I hate this album and the one before it too. Fuck this shit. I could be listening to millions of more interesting albums than this, like Press To Play.

Song: C'mon People - EPIC SHIT LOL

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Leif Garret(t) said...

I don't know, "Biker Like An Icon" is sort of silly. But yeah, all these lyrics about the environment = waaaaaaaay too much shittiness for my liking.