Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wings - Wings At The Speed Of Sound

Is this album called At the Speed Of Sound or Wings At The Speed Of Sound? Fuck you, Paul, fucking cockstain. Wipe the cum dribbling out of your mouth, this is professional, at least have the courtesy of telling me what your album name is. God damn you.

SO it was apparent at this point in Paul's career that he had nothing left to say. Something that would be further proven on his over-huge jello jiggler of a live album later the year this album came out. Venus & Mars was definitely a step down from Band On The Run, but it was a fun, goofy album in comparison and as such, can stand on it's own hind legs as a powerful album in the McCartney canon. This, however, Paul isn't even trying on this one. The songs he lays down on this little slab of scrap metal are all enjoyable, yeah, but nothing as feverish and as swindling as his earlier work. Plus, he makes the awful mistake of his talentless sidemen to either sing or write half of this thing. I'd actually put this as my third favorite Wings album if it was McCartney coasting throughout the whole thing. McCartney coasting is still, well at least fun to listen to. I don't want to hear what Denny Hastert has to say about his life, or Linda McCartney's adventures in the kitchen as sucking her husbands obese balls.

Rating: Its a stunner and a blunder, a winner and a sinner, a meatball and a slimeball. Cum balls, pick it up for "Let em in" or "Silly Love Songs," two of the best singles he's written since 1974, or just get a stupid compilation you fucking white boy.

Song: Let Em In - I wish this song was as good as I think it is, but it's not. This is still a decent album better than the first two Wings albums though.

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