Thursday, October 11, 2007

Paul McCartney - Give My Regards To Broad Street

I don't know why the fuck my parents own a vinyl copy of this.

"No More Lonely Nights" is one of the best songs he ever did. This thing also has "Wanderlust" and "Ballroom Dancing" from Tug of War which both rule a bitch.

I can't remember if any of the re-recordings of Beatles songs sound like anything. I haven't heard this in like, 12 years or something.

Also, the movie is pretty much awful. Just a complete fucking mess. Paul McCartney sucks.

Rating: 10/10

Song: I'm writing a paper right now. I have 500 words to go or something like that. I am not about to put any effort into reviewing horrible Paul McCartney albums.


Undercooked Sausage said...

you know what else sucks besides this album??

this review!!!

nah, just kidding! Hope you get your work done! :D

Leif Garret(t) said...


Undercooked Sausage said...

suck my balls