Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Paul McCartney - Back In The U.S.

Back In The U.S, get it? GET IT!??!?! EH!!! He wrote a littly ditty about forty years ago and he puns and slams the shit out the title, ahahahaha!!! So fuckin funny!! Paul, "the funny one." Fuck Gringu, guy didn't seem like much of a laugh when i fucked his mother

anyway here's another live album, thankfully the last, I don't know how I got stuck with reviewing nearly all of these. What the hell is the point to these? The up side is that this one has without a doubt Paul's tightest band assembled so far. He went the Billy Corgan route and recruited an ethnic band because we all know minorities are better at everything.

I actually like this live album better than the others, mainly because it's coming off a strong record so the obligatory cuts supporting Driving Rain actually are some of the stronger songs. I can't even remember those awful late 80s/early 90s cuts of fart. Thirdly, the sound quality is a bit clearer, but there are too many fucking Ruties songs on here! I applaud the cocksucker for actually playing something from McCartney II, but the dude plays for hours, why not throw the hardcore fans a bone and play some obscure shit instead of the same fucking "Hey Jude" sing-alongs over and over? Where's "That Would Be Something?" Where's "Wild Life?" Where the fuck is "Old Siam, Sir?" If I had such an extensive catalogue with such a sheer amount of negro talent behind me, I'd totally switch shit up. Fucking trying to please the old people in the audience. Paul needs to GIVE ME INDIE ROCK

Rating: This serves as a nice greatest hits package for your parents or something, I'd still stick with Wings Over America as the definitive live Paul package, even though that still sort of sucks ass LOL


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