Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wings - Wild Life

Look at the hippie faggots on the cover of this album. Before you even placed it underneath the needle for the first time, you probably knew you were in for the worst parts of Paul's songwriting to come bursting force from every crevice of your hip 1970s apartment. Universally panned upon it's release, Rolling Stone called it "Wild Life reminds me of the scabs on my dick: too fluffy and unlistenable" E

Entertainment Weekly gave the album 1 star with just a one word review of "wtf" also every newspaper thought it sucked dick because they were too busying chafing their dix on Lennon's Imagine and Ringo's Ringo which they loved so much they were jerking off about two years bef
ore it even existed. Ringo's solo output is that good ladies and blacks.

But enough about Gringo Starr, I'm not going to go as far as denounce this album. Just forget for a minute that Paul Mccartney was the greatest songwriter of all time and listen to this album on it's own merits. There's a lot of sketchy bullshit all up in this shit. What happened to the squeaky clean, pristine production of Ram? I guess Paul decided it was more important to ca
tch loads of cum in his beard than do a decent production job on his album.

rating: it's still pretty good, the title track is a low top-tier macca. As if to say "yeah it's great but you'll only listen to it probably never or once in awhile, say, during dinner for two?

Song: http://www.mediafire.com/?f21bt1ytwzt - "Wild Life" - goo shit


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Anonymous said...

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Thompson said...

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